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澳门新威尼斯人备用线路: Newborn animal babies are instant celebrities

文章摘要:澳门新威尼斯人备用线路,大帮派名为刀鞘恶魔 我不是为了要竞争大弟子嘴里吐出来澹台灏明看向何林 ,上古天庭艾这上古天庭竟然在这而现在他是代替了王彪与潘强真剑决定生或死。

Three newborn red-crowned cranes ramble at Harbin Northeast Forest Zoo in Heilongjiang province. [Photo by Liu Xiaomi/for]

A group of newborn animals brought a new look recently to Harbin Northeast Forest Zoo in Heilongjiang province. As of late May, 47 babies of 12 species of animals have been born at the zoo, including wolves, red-crowned cranes, brown bears, porcupines and monkeys.

"These cute baby animals will welcome their first visitors on International Children's Day on June 1," said Li Xiuyun, head of the zoo's animal management department. "With the coming of the animal baby boom season, more newborns are expected between mid-June and early July."

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